Marta Cabriolu


Villacidro is one of the most important cities in the Campidano area. The buildings, both public and private, maintain the constructive characteristics of tradition and they show both the agro-pastoral culture and the bourgeois culture of the late nineteenth century. Among the most significant examples of earthen architecture, Cogotti House deserves to be visited, where today there is an elegant literary cafè. Characterised by mountains, woods and waterfalls, the area is ideal for trekking and other outdoor sports lovers. In the urban centre there are a lot of panoramic points where you can observe the Campidano area. Villacidro is also the birthplace of the writer Giuseppe Dessì. In his honour, one of the most authoritative and ambitious prize in the Italian panorama, the Premio letterario (Literary Award), takes place in September. In spring the cherry festival attracts tourists from all over Sardinia. The large agricultural centre is also known for the production of olive oil and citrus fruits. The villacidrese community has its "Festa Manna" (Big feast) in August, with celebrations in honour of San Sisinnio. The public wash house, iron architecture of the end of the 19th century embellished by the sculptures of Giuseppe Sartorio, is a must see.

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