Enrico Pusceddu


Samassi hosts a vast heritage of raw earth, including many inhabited earth houses, rich in furnishings and evidence of rural tradition. The Municipality has acquired some raw earth buildings, and housing after a recovery: the municipal library, the Senior centre, the artistic residence of Casa Ghisu. The first floor of the library houses the Documentation Centre of raw earth with a library dedicated to raw earth architecture and sustainable living, a reference for students, professionals and enthusiasts interested in raw earth and green building. Samassi represents the agricultural centre par excellence in the production of artichoke, but it is also famous for the productions of tomatoes, cured meats, cheeses, Malvasia wine and typical sweets. The Samassese Carnival is one of the most important papier-mâché floats parade in Sardinia, and the traditional procession of Is Traccas in honour of Sant'Isidoro, protector of farmers is a must to see. Worthy of note is the Romanesque church of San Geminiano dating back to the 13th century. Many celebrations are accompanied by folk groups and the award-winning Lao Silesu music band.

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