Riccardo Sanna
Published Date:
Oct 26, 2016

Pabillonis boasts many small jewels in the panorama of raw earth buildings, both public and private. Among them, the house Museum has a particular value, especially for the exhibits. In Pabillonis the raw earth marries the terra cotta. The "bidda de is pingiadas": in fact here pots of terracotta of high quality were produced to be marketed throughout Sardinia. Also relevant is the production of the tiles, essential to preserve the integrity of the houses of earth. Today there are numerous ceramic workshops that produce artistic pieces. Related to the country tradition you can find the custom "trigu cottu", cooked and seasoned with sapa and honey and brought to the houses as a good omen for the new year and the procession of "is carrusu de s'abiu" during the feast of San Giovanni. The San Lussorio area show testimonies dating back to different eras: the remains of the Santu Sciori nuraghe, the Roman bridge "de sa baronessa" and the ancient church of San Lussorio, rebuilt since the 1960s.

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