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The cultural- touristic itinerary terraccogliente leads you through the earth houses, open to guests following the concept of ospitalità diffusa (widespread hospitality).

During the events the earthen houses can host activities to learn about the earth material, art and craft workshops, taste laboratories, ethnographic exhibitions, photography exhibitions, art, architecture and design exhibitions.

The itinerary aims to promote the conservation and recovery of traditional historic earth buildings, that are the identity of the communities.

During terraccogliente events, good practices are presented to recover earth buildings with natural and sustainable materials, with particular attention to aesthetic sense and living comfort.

With terraccogliente the Associazione tries to transmit the awareness to the owners of the earth houses, that own an important historical-architectural heritage and therefore a cultural asset to be protected.

TOUR INTO THE EARTH HOUSES The tours are aimed, in particular, at students, designers and construction workers who wants to discover the world of earthen architecture. The tours include the visit at the Documentation Centre on raw earth and the buildings of historical and architectural interest, and the participation in workshops to learn about the earth material and its construction techniques.