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Helps Project


Progetto HELPS - Erasmus Plus

The Erasmus + programs replaced Leonardo programs and are strategic partnerships aimed at exchanging experiences and codifying "certified" training paths.

HELPS - Humanity Earth Life Population Solidarity


Exchange of good practices of restoration / renovation of the raw earth heritage, especially in reference to traditional know-how;

Preservation of know-how linked to building on earth and promoting its social, economic and environmental value.

Contribution to the social and professional integration of people in precarious situations (through specific training);

Training of trainers who should train the beneficiaries of the project through the ECVET certified model (European Credit system for Vocational Education and Training ) and application of the model in experimental restoration / recovery sites aimed at beneficiaries.

Partners of the project 


France: 7vents (leader du consortium) ENERTERRE (chantiers participatifs pour des précaires)

Italy: International Associaion Città della terra Cruda (expertise sur la rénovation habitat terre, architectes) NET (ONG italienne, ingénierie formation au développement durable dans le bâti et accompagnement de populations fragiles)

Spain: TAPHTAPH ( expertise préservation habitat terre )

Greece: MEDCENV (ONG grècque, préservation du patrimoine, architecte)

Associated partner 


Parc Naturel Régional des Marais du Cotentin et du Bessin

Collectivités territoriales dans chaque pays (Città di Novi Ligure, Ecomuseo delle case di terra di Villa Ficana, Ass. Terrae onlus)

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