PAIS Project - Mozambique

PAIS Project (Sustainable and Inclusive Architecture)

Associazione Internazionale Città della terra cruda is one of the partners in the International Cooperation project with "Eduardo Mondlane" University of Mozambique promoted by the Department of Architecture of Cagliari; in the project are planned institutional exchanges between the local administrators of Mozambique and the cities of raw earth.

INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. Already underway collaboration and exchanges between the University of Cagliari and "Eduardo Mondlane" University of Mozambique. Agreement signed by the directors Antonello Sanna (DICAAR) and Joao Teodosio Tique (FAPF). In the research unit of UniCa, Professor Gianmarco Chiri and Dr. Marta Pilleri. 

The DICAAR and the FAPF plan the Campus of the University of Maputo - Mozambique - within the framework of the exchanges already started between the University of Cagliari and the University "Eduardo Mondlane" through the Erasmus Mundus DREAM project, with the Erasmus + International Credit Mobility project and thanks to the commitment for developing the international exchanges by our Student Mobility Sector (ISMOKA).

This was announced by the director of the Civil - Environmental Engineering and Architecture Department (DICAAR) of Cagliari - Professor Antonello Sanna - and Professor Joao Teodosio Tique for the Faculdade de Arquitectura e Planeamento Físico (FAPF) of Mobuto. In May, the two professors signed an important collaboration to redevelop Maputo university campus. It consists of six faculties, a high school, the central administrative and pedagogical university pavilion, the central library, the scientific research centre and some student residences. Statistically speaking, every day about 23 thousand of people use the services provided by the project.

The research unit of the University of Cagliari is mainly composed of Professor Gianmarco Chiri - one the creators of the preliminary project for the University Campus in Viale La Playa - and Dr. Marta Pilleri (PhD Candidate), who represented our University in Mozambique within the Erasmus program in the last five months. Also some young collaborators and graduating students from DICAAR are part of the project.