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Scientific committee


Comitato scientifico


The Scientific Committee is made up of experts and scholars of various disciplinary backgrounds, to provide a wide and updated scientific and cultural information on issues related to architecture in raw earth and sustainable living, in support of the activities carried out by the Association.

Arch. Gianfranco Conti – Freelancer - Coordinator

THCR. Antonello Sanna – University of Cagliari

THCR. Mauro Bertagnin - University of Udine

THCR. Cristina Forlani – University of Chieti and Pescara

Arch. Maddalena Achenza - University of Cagliari

Arch. Gaia Bollini – Freelancer

Arch. Alceo Vado - Freelancer

Arch. Anna Paola Conti – Freelancer