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Architecture Archives Vico Mossa


Vico Mossa was born in Serramanna on 16th October 1914. He graduated at the University of Rome in Architecture in 1939. Once back in Sardinia, various circumstances led him to settle in Sassari in 1940, where he lived, never ceasing to maintain excellent and frequent relations with his native country.

He died in Sassari at the age of 89, leaving a cultural and documentary legacy, now available at the nascent cultural centre "Vico Mossa Architecture Archives", established in Serramanna.

The catalogue of the " photography exhibition " shows the pictures taken by Vico Mossa between 1947 and 1965, and and it introduces the inaugural event of the archive in his honour.

Most of the photos are taken from prints, since the original negatives have been largely lost. The state of the photographic archive is obviously not the best and required an important work of digital restoration.

Many negatives are deteriorated, damaged by mold and scratched; after scanning the original pictures, a subsequent treatment was required to recover, where possible, details and contrast, in order to display the works with contemporary shades of grey and not "vintage photos". The choice wants to highlight the incredible modernity that Vico Mossa's work still inspires, and at the same time it takes us back in time projecting us backwards in his time.

Currently the Municipality of Serramanna is committed to enhancing the Architecture Archive of Vico Mossa, in collaboration with the Associazione cittò della terra cruda and the support of the academic world.