Preamble - The National Association ‘Città della Terra Cruda’ (Earthen Cities) was founded in 2001, as apartnership among the Cities which acknowledge the value of earthen buildings and settlements – strong identity of the local landscape - as the basis for a model of alternative and sustainable development.

References The National Association ‘Città della Terra Cruda’ (Earthen Cities), through its own bodies (the Scientific and Technical Committee, the Documentation Centre in Samassi, the LABterra –University of Cagliari, the CED in Casalincontrada, the ‘Arts of Earth’ Laboratory in Serrenti, the Documentation Centre in Novi Ligure) offers technical assistance both to design and construction works, knowledge and landscape protection, and to training and participation in international tenders. (In the portfolio, on the website, you can find the report of the works carried out by the Association)

The Association agrees to the International Charter "Living Earth", aiming for the "right to build with earth" launched in 2010 by CRATerre, École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture in Grenoble and by many Institutions and prominent individuals supporting earthen architecture in the world.

Proposal - To the cities sharing the values of the Manifesto, the Association proposes the participation to the creation of an international network for the development of earthen building construction as important and valuable resource both from the point of view of building and contemporary architectural culture – looking toward the third millennium -and of the preservation of the identity of local communities.


Joining the INTERNATIONAL NETWORK ‘Città della Terra Cruda’ (Earthen cities) means:

- Promote, by local communities, the acknowledgement of earthen buildings and settlements as expression of the identity, values and knowledge on which they can found their own sustainable
development, attentive to the quality of the choices made for landscape and buildings;

- Enhance initiatives and activities of scientific research and experimentation aimed at the recovery of the knowledge and the material cultures to update and re-launch, in the construction process, the use of earth -and other local building materials and techniques -renewing the cultural, technological, artistic and historical traditions;

- Encourage the diffusion of the production knowledge and the professions related to earthen construction as un-replaceable elements in the system of civil relations, and for the requalification of
the cities and the land, promoting at the same time new forms of individual participation, of voluntary associating for production and exchange;

- Advocate mutual aid and integration among the ‘Città della Terra Cruda’ (Earthen cities) to provide valid responses to the needs of citizens and enterprises also through the direct and privileged
exchange among the involved municipalities; moreover, fostering among the members the creation of a network with the aim of proposing the Association as acknowledged interlocutor vis-à-vis
national and international Institutions in order to raise economic resources and encourage the implementation of shared objectives;

- Engage in creating a network of knowledge (culture, lifestyles) focused on the world of earthen construction, to support the development of a responsible tourism able to put into relation the
community members.

Sign in support of the establishment of the International Network Cities of Earth. By signing you agree to promote the creation of the network through the involvement of the municipalities of the territory in which you live.

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